Terms of use

This Agreement is a public offer and a proposal on the use of this software and information resource (website) on the agreed terms in the user agreement. Any use of the Site is a direct confirmation (by the user) of conditions set out in the Agreement. The User is obliged to follow them.

The value of terms in this User Agreement

The user - IP address \ person registered on the site, or using the website in any other way.

The site - is a collection of texts and information, design and graphic elements, videos, photos, hardware and software used by the site for primary and further processing operations made by the user, and storing information about all the activities of the User.

Title mark - are the marks of payment systems, which operate in full accordance and consistent with applicable international law, and are not prohibited by the legislation.

Operation - is the control order, which is taken from The Users by the website, aimed to perform any action with The Title marks owned by the user.

The remaining definitions and terms found in the text of this Agreement are treated by The Parties according to the law and established standards and rules of interpretation of the terms in the Internet.

From the moment of registration and / or the beginning of use of the Site, The User accepts the terms of this Agreement, which are binding.


If you are not satisfied with the terms of this Agreement, do not register on the Site and do not use it. This agreement fixes the order of relationships that may arise during use of the Site and its potential by The User.

The site offers the most reliable investment-estimated integrated platform. The platform will help to realize the maximum volume of transactions to ensure the use and creation of relevant investment products.

The site guarantees the security and fully protects all data of The User: the primary information, the transaction information, and the user accounts.

The site provides paid services of the "premium". It is possible to view the list of paid services on the web site in the course of its use, or in the text notifications, which are sent to The User.

The site recommends the investment of Title marks in order to extract the interest income, which is 50% per annum for 365 days of a calendar year. After registering on the platform, the User has the right to keep the amount of unrestricted funds for investment.

Minimum investment is 0.01 title marks. Having made a contribution, the User agrees both to the daily calculation of interest on the deposit, which is valid for 1 year, and to pay the body of deposit with an interest. The interest rate on the deposit is 50% per annum.

Additionally, the User gets interest in accordance with the terms of the affiliate program from the input of his invited Users.

The fee for the withdrawal of customers isn’t charged.

In the process of performing a variety of actions, internal and external transfer-transactions, the Website uniquely guarantees operations, for the production of which the user has given the permission. The Site does not guarantee a particular financial result of actions performed by the User.

User identification is achieved by recognizing password and login entered by the user during the initial registration on the Site, and provides the access to the interfaces of the Site.

After registration on the Site, the User is given full access to all services of the Site.

The Website strictly complies with all legal, international and national acts aimed at "laundering" of the financial flows and the fight against terrorism.

The Website reserves the right to refuse registration or to implement the termination of registration for persons from jurisdictions that do not comply with legislation and international instruments and standards dealing with "laundering" of financial flows.

This condition is applied in the case of use of the Services on the Site by the User. In the case of disagreement with these Terms and Conditions of the Agreement, the User does not have the right to use the Services of the Site.

These Terms & Conditions may be modified periodically. All registered users of the Website have the equivalent right to use the resources and services of the Site.

Confidentiality of information and the use of data to use the Services of the Site is achieved together by the Users and the Site.

The user is personally responsible for the non-proliferation and confidentiality among third parties of his use of the Services of the Site, his personal passwords and access keys and other information.

The user agrees that the Site shall not be liable for any kind of loss that may be incurred by user due to his mistakes and giving the access to his personal data to the third parties.

When you register and activate your account, the site creates and stores the cryptographic keys: the public and private one, that user can use for sending and receiving of the title marks. The Customer agrees to receive all supposed transfers, payments, bonuses, based on the Agreement, according to the form of their activation using the services of the Site.

The User has the right to use the Site Services only after permission. The personal responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of the personal information is assigned to the user and used for the account: a contact mobile telephone number and email address of the User. Also the User has the obligation and responsibility for compliance with security and confidentiality of his personal data: username (login) and password, the API keys, PIN identification numbers, and any other codes associated with the User account and for any activity that takes place within this account. The transfer, hacking or loss of such information may create a precedent and lead to illegal access to the account by third parties, that will lead to the theft or loss of funds available in the account.

If the user has found hacking or suspects the account hacking, he must immediately inform about it. The User has personal responsibility to the Site for timely and immediate report of any possible unallowed violation, the use of the account or password, and other possible security violation. The Site does not bear responsibility for any possible and occurred losses of the User because of the refusal to follow the above instructions, or unwilling to act and follow the instructions that the Site can send the User in the form of notices and warnings.

The Site has a right to stop the work of the accounts temporarily or permanently, or do not open them, including cases when it is recommended or required by regulatory, governmental or law enforcement agencies. The Platform and Services of the Site are used only by the Users with the registration. During the registration and account creation the User confirms on the site, that the information, provided by him and used in the identification processes is complete and accurate, and will be updated as needed. The User has no right to use the Site and its services, if he is not 18 years old.

The User agrees not to use the Website Services for the implementation of the illegal activities of any kind, and will not take any possible action, which may adversely affect the Site.

User agrees to protect and release the Site staff: agents and employees, consultants and partners, affiliates and licensors, affiliates of the potential liability and any kinds of claims, losses and expenses, liabilities and damages, legal costs (including the agreed fees for lawyers and possible additional experts) associated with or arising from the exploitation of services of the Site by the User, the violation of this user Agreement or the rights of any person, organization and company.

Under no circumstances and conditions, we and our service providers, licensors and subcontractors will not take over liability or responsibility for any indirect, incidental, special, or punitive damages (including lost profits, loss of data and qualities, reputation loss) resulting from, or in accordance with these Terms of use, providing or the functionality of our services.

The Website disclaims any liability and responsibility for active and passive actions of the User, such as access to the account, the use of the services of the Site, the display or the inability to use the display, the access, services, software and information, any possible computer and Internet viruses, related products, websites and services, other third parties, inactivity or active action of any possible business that uses services of the Site, whether the responsibility is built of the various possible claims arising in violation of the agreement, responsibility for the quality, including negligence, breach of warranty or otherwise, and regardless of whether we, our service providers, licensors, and subcontractors were informed about the probability of the data loss.

Some jurisdictions do not authorize certain guarantees, the limitation of liability or disclaimer, full or partial. By User will be applied of restrictions or reservations that are legitimate in the applicable jurisdiction. The responsibility of the Site is limited to the maximum extent permitted by the law.

In the case where a court of competent jurisdiction for any reason finds any provision of this Agreement unenforceable or invalid, in such a case this provision will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible, all other provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

The Website reserves the right to transfer this Agreement to its parent or subsidiary company, affiliate, in connection with the consolidation, merger, sale or other disposal of all or substantially all of the assets of the Site. This Agreement constitutes the entire terms and conditions of the contract between the Website and the User, and completely replaces all prior or simultaneously written and / or oral agreements, representations, warranties and interpretations.

If the User lies idle for a certain time (minimum two years), the Site has the right to initiate the deposit and transfer of title marks with respect to the User's account, according to the unclaimed property law.