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Which amount can I withdraw from the cabinet?

You can withdraw from bitupper from 0.0001 BTC, but not more than 10 BTC per 24 hours.

How to change the password of account?

To change the password, you can use a form of "password recovery" on the login page. If You are in Your account You can do this in the "Security" tab in the "Settings".

How many accounts can I register?

You can have only one account. Under the rules of the site of action of each partner registering more than one account (related by any of the criteria) is regarded by administration as a fraud. Administration reserves the right to block accounts with suspicious activity.

The BTC is not in my account.

If the transaction is not completed in 30 minutes (approximate time of verify your transaction other wallets) please, write on support.

How long does it take to transfer BTC to bitupper wallet?

BTC transaction may take up to 15-30 minutes. This time is necessary to confirm your transaction Blockchain system.

How long does it take to transfer BTC from bitupper wallet?

BTC transaction is carried out immediately. The platform trust you.

¿Cómo funciona el programa de afiliación?

Programa de afiliación.

La plataforma bitupper funciona con un nivel en el programa de afiliación. Por los afiliado invitados se le acredita el 10% de la cantidad invertida. Para ver las estadísticas de la actividad de los afiliados durante un período determinado, así como su enlace de afiliado, puede hacerlo en su cuenta personal, en la pestaña "Programa de afiliación". Para compartir su enlaces de afiliación a sus amigos en las redes sociales o por correo electrónico, puede hacerlo desde su cuenta personal. En la pestaña "Compartir", simplemente seleccione el logotipo de la red social deseada.

Obtener ingresos para el "Programa de afiliación" es posible sólo con las inversiones activas propias. Los ingresos devengados en el marco del "Programa de afiliación" se pagan diariamente en partes iguales desde el momento de la inversión del afiliado durante 3 meses.

Los pagos se efectúan al saldo todos los días desde el día siguiente a la creación de la inversión en modo automático a las 12.00 UTC.

When the last Bitcoin will be made?

By the today, there are over 14.5 million ВТС, from planned total amount of mining - 21 million ВТС (20 999 999.9769 ВТС).  Given the increasing complexity of the process of making Bitcoin, by the mathematical calculations, last Bitcoin will be made in 2140.

Is Bitcoin private?

Blockchain system works in such a way that the all transaction history is fixed and is available to any user that will make the corresponding request to the network. But even if the transactions themselves are not confidential, it does not mean that you can not act anonymously. You can remain "incognito" using the payment system, without specifying own personal data.

What is the price of the sale of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin you can sell on the sites of exchangers. But the price of currency deppends on the exchange rate at the time of transaction.

How earns the platform?

Our fund is working with market leaders from different fields: financial, economic and technological activity. bitupper invests in high-tech projects in different segment of the economy - Binary Options Trading of cryptocurrency , cryptocurrency trusts, hedge funds and exchange trade .. And also involved in the modernization of existing financial processes highly profitable businesses. This complex allows bitupper to maintain a consistently high level of profitability and ensure your investments.

How to become a Partner?

All you need to make a profit with bitupper platform -  register on bitupper.com, replenish BTC to your account and create investment in private office. Then you just have to check the daily balance in your office, and the resulting profit to use at its discretion - the rest of the work for you to do our experts.

How to recover a forgotten password?

To change the password, you can use a form of "password recovery" on the login page.

Why Bitcoin transaction passes with a delay?

All transactions are recorded, displayed and saved by Blockchain system. But the system is arranged in such a way that to verify the authenticity of the transaction, it must be confirmed by several third-party wallets ("miners"). And it takes some time, usually, the time on verification  does not exceed 30 minutes..

For how many parts does Bitcoin devided?

For convenience of use Bitcoin is divided into its component parts - "Satoshi". So, 1 BTC = 100000000 Satoshi. Everyone who wants to start using Bitcoin can start with buying a few Satoshi, instead of buying a whole coin immediately.

Where Bitcoin could be used?

Bitcoin can be used in all areas where we used the usual currency - trade, lending, investing, stock market of trading. And thus Bitcoin has advantages over national currencies such as anonymity, translation speed, lack of state borders, constant currency deflation.

When it is possible to withdraw from the investment?

Making transfer from your balance, You can at Your convenience time on the condition that Your account has a minimum allowable amount - 0.0001 BTC

I want to delete an account in bitupper. How can I do it?

Account on the platform bitupper, without a owner's request is not deleted but deactivated in the absence of any activity for 180 days. Delete Your account You can only by writing a letter of support request.

What are the commissions has bitupper?

bitupper does not hold any commissions. You get to your wallet exactly the amount that you want on the withdraw from the platform.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin - one of the first successful examples of the implementation of the digital currency as a means of payment for goods and services. Cryptocurrency not limited to  area, time and sphere of use. Also cryptocurrency is deflationary, opposite paper money, which at all times subject to inflation.