The productive trading on bitupper platform - 6 Easy Steps

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Do you want to make a profit and be wealthy crypto investor on the bitupper platform? Please check in first. This procedure takes a minimum of time, about two minutes. The registration is completely anonymous, so you will need the email only.

You will be convinced that you will not need to provide your payment card number, address or full name in order to make a profit. To login and check in bitupper, you will need:

  • Press “Enter” button in the upper right corner.
  • Put in e-mail address, name and password.

Carefully read the terms of use, before signing up, you need to agree with it.

Make up a personal account

Your first action after the registration procedure - is the making up of a personal account.

It requires:

  • Enter your personal account and click 'Add' on the home page.
  • From the appeared line copy «Bitcoin address", or use the phone and QR-Code.
  • Send the desired amount of Bitcoin to the code from your wallet.

Perform first investment

After receiving Bitcoin funds in the personal account, you must go to the tab "Invest". Next, you select the estimated amount of investment and click the button "Invest." At the moment, the button "Invest" is not active and is grayed out, it will be activated immediately, when applying for a Bitcoin account. You will be able to see the estimated return on investment by moving the blue slider and viewing the information.

The minimum investment amount - 0.05 BTC, so this is the recommended amount for recharge. The maximum amount of investments - 100 BTC. The amount of investment is not limited.

Monitoring the growth of investments

In the tab "Invest", you can see and analyze the following information: how much has been already earned on the current investments, and which amount shall be payable to you. For information about the amount of charges from invited partners you will see in your account by going to the block “Referal Programm” in the sidebar on the corresponding tab. The transfer of funds will come to your personal account from referral and investment accounts. The funds you can leave on bitupper platform for further investments or withdraw them on the any of Bitcoin wallets.

The money transfer occurs daily in automatic mode in Bitcoin currency at 12:00 UTC.

Conclusion of dividend

Making withdrawals or their completion can be done at any convenient time for you. To display the dividends received from the personal account you must go to the tab "Send", or press on the home page similar to the button "Send". In the upper field you enter the address of Bitcoin-wallet, which the withdrawals will be made on, click the "Send" button.

bitupper platform does not charge a fee for withdrawing funds; additional fees are paid to miners by bitupper platform.

The minimum amount of withdrawal of funds from the personal account may be 0.0001 BTC, the maximum amount of output - 50 BTC per day.

Earn more with invited friends

bitupper platform works on a ten-leveled affiliate program. For the invited partners you will be charged a percentage of the amount of their investment. There are allocated for rewarding 28% of the amount invested by each participant in bitupper. To see the activity statistics of partners for a certain period, as well as your affiliate link is possible in your personal account in the tab “Referal Programm”. To make a newsletter of your affiliate links to friends on social networks or email is possible from your personal account. In the tab "Share" just choose the logo of social networking.

Getting the income on "affiliate program" is possible only with the active personal investments. Accrued income on "affiliate program" is paid on a daily basis in equal parts from the moment of the investment by a partner during 3 months.

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